Friday, March 21, 2014

rdesktop in Linux

In Linux we use rdesktop utility to take the remote session of the server.
Below are the few variable to use it in more feasible manner.

.uses for full screen window
press Ctrl + Alt + Enter to toggle b/w Remote and Local machine.
.uses for user defined resolution like 1280*1024, 1152*864...
.uses for to share the disk of local host machine with the Remote machine.
exa. disk:mydisk=/u01/
-k de
.to show the keyboard layout

rdesktop -k de -f -r disk:mydisk=/u01/

above will take teh remote session, using full screen resolution and will share the local /u01/file system with the remote host machine.

rdesktop -k de -g 1280*1024

above will take the remote session with user mentioned resolution.

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